Master Degree

Master’s Degree

The UFMG Master’s degree program in Statistics aims to further students’ professional and academic knowledge, and develop their ability to do research in specific areas of Statistics and Probability. The course requires students to prepare a thesis with literature review, demonstrating their ability to systematize and their mastery of the subject and the relevant methodology.

Research Focus

The faculty’s research projects aim to develop innovative methodologies in Statistics and Probability for Data Analysis. Students are expected to become involved in these projects from the second term on. The faculty prioritizes empirical and applied research, addressing scientifically important and socially relevant issues. Partnerships with researchers from other areas, both from UFMG and from other research or teaching entities, and with public and private institutions alike, are also developed. Research products are presented in national and international conferences and published in well-known periodicals of international circulation.

Who can apply?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics is not a prerequisite for entry into the program. The program is interested in applicants with a solid background in Statistics or in areas such as Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, among others, who are interested in data modeling and statistical theory. Candidates should have solid quantitative training, with good knowledge of differential and integral calculus, linear algebra and computer programming.

Duration of the Master’s program

The program must be completed within 24 months.